Premium Immobilien AG


PREMIUM Investments

As a specialist in the market for ‘competitively priced housing,’ PREMIUM designs and develops highly desirable real estate projects, offering both property sales and rentals in city centres and urban locations. Through the successful completion of well-designed, large-scale multifamily projects, PREMIUM excels at not only meeting the increasing demand for quality, centrally located housing, but also provides investors with sustainable and attractive returns on investments.

In addition to focusing on creating architecturally significant and competitively priced real estate, PREMIUM understands its value and contribution to urban development. Comprehensive metropolitan and city-centre real estate projects are evaluated and designed not just in terms of the benefits and quality of life they offer future owners and residents, but also in regards to improving the municipal area as a whole. Cities that offer a high standard of living excel in terms of infrastructure, including having ample employment opportunities and education, as well as easily accessible cultural, leisure and shopping facilities for visitors and residents.

PREMIUM real estate projects are designed to contribute to these vital characteristics of well-planned urban centres, thereby adding value to the community, city and its residents.