Premium Immobilien AG


Excellence in Residential Real Estate Investment

PREMIUM has been a leading international real estate developer and builder in the residential real estate market since 1995. From its main offices in Vienna and Berlin, privately held PREMIUM Immobilien AG and its subsidiaries specialize in creating sustained investment value through strategically evaluated residential projects to meet the needs of both communities and investors alike in Austria and Germany.

Both diversified and proven, PREMIUM’s integrated development platform of competitively priced housing is based on extensive research, financial assessment, superior design and cutting-edge construction capabilities, and ground-up operational expertise. We understand that successful asset development is dependent on specialized regional talent with in-depth market knowledge, innovative and sustainable design, unrelenting quality standards, and agile management structures.

Through a comprehensive commitment to all facets of the acquisition, financing, development, property management and sale process, PREMIUM caters to institutional investors through creating significant investment opportunities in highly desirable locations worldwide.

Since its founding in Vienna in 1995, PREMIUM has successfully built 280 projects, more than 7.800 units and a cumulative living space of 570.000 m², with a total investment value of more than €1.4 billion. PREMIUM’s development and property management model focuses on developing smartly designed, mid-market residential buildings and communities in fast-growing, highly livable cities, such as Vienna and Berlin.